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Jo seeing Paul in the winter finale

Spoilers ahead for the midseason finale of Grey's Anatomy.

Season 14 of Grey's Anatomy has been an interesting one thus far. The medical drama brought back some long lost character, saw a major cast member depart, and featured a slew of new potential romances (two of which involve DeLuca's sister Carina). This week's midseason finale was a bit of a mixed back, as the cyber attack on Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital didn't elevate the drama to the levels of other disasters like the shooter episode or midnight blackout. But the episode redeemed itself in its final moments, as Jo came face to face with her abusive husband Paul from within the hospital.

This is an event that fans have been looking forward to for years, ever since Jo told Alex the truth about her identity. A few years into Jo's tenure on Grey's, the series retconned her backstory. It turn out her name isn't really Jo, but she fled for her life to escape her abusive husband (Glee's Matthew Morrison). Alex actually hunted the guy down last season, but held himself back from getting into confrontation with his girlfriend's abuser.

But Paul is in the hospital now, and Jo will have to face her fears in order to confront her husband and finally be free from their marriage, and his influence on her life. However, Grey's Anatomy could very easily screw the pooch with its handling of this plot line, especially with how Alex fits into all of it. Alex's plot in Season 13 was largely focused on his law proceedings after beating the crap out of DeLuca, so fans would be very annoyed if he snaps and attacks Jo's ex in the middle of the cyber attack.

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I actually wouldn't be surprised if Paul wasn't actually at the hospital for Jo, but for a possible job. Paul is a general surgeon, and may be in the running for a job (or feigning interest) at Grey Sloan Memorial. Since Riggs unceremoniously left the hospital to start his life with Meghan Hunt, there does seem to be an opening. Chief Bailey wouldn't be privy to Jo's personal life, prompting her to have him for an interview. This would bring Jo's conflict with her ex to the forefront of the season's back half, as the rest of the surgeons unknowingly start connecting to her abuser.

Its important to to note how insidious Paul's short interaction with Jo in the midseason finale was. He seems to be mocking her new name, which he probably learned once Jo finally filed for divorce. So if he isn't there for a potential job, then he must be there to finally confront his ex, and possibly attempt to take her home. This will no doubt be a harrowing venture for the young surgeon, giving actress Camilla Luddington the opportunity to shine in the coming episodes.

Grey's Anatomy is currently set to return to ABC on January 18, 2018. In the meantime, check our our cancellation list to see if your favorite show got the chop.

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