Miss Guided - Season 6
Premieres: Tuesday, March 18th, at 10:30 p.m. EST
Network: ABC
Creator(s): Todd Holland
Starring: Judy Greer, Brooke Burns, Earl Billings, Kristoffer Polaha, Jonathan Sadowski
Website: ABC.com

Miss Guided is a new comedy series that centers on Becky Freeley, a high school guidance counselor who was a total spaz back when she was in high school and is now back at that very same school trying to help kids survive adolescence.

Becky develops a crush on the new Spanish teacher and while she’s come a long way from being the dork she once was back in her youth, the return of her old rival, Lisa Germain causes her to relive some of the old feelings.

Ashton Kutcher is listed as one of the executive producers for this show. The official premiere isn’t until Thursday but they’re airing a sneak preview tonight (Tuesday). Most likely ABC is hoping a good chunk of the Dancing With the Stars viewers will stick around to watch the first episode of Miss Guided.

Miss Guided looks like a fluffy, moderately funny show that could be good. I ended up pleasantly surprised by ABC’s new series Samantha Who? and that show looked equally silly in the promos. So perhaps Miss Guided will turn out to be another charming series on ABC. Judy Greer has a good knack for comedy, which is another reason I plan on checking out the first episode when it airs tonight. There’s also two new episodes set to air back to back on Thursday before Lost.

Here’s a preview:

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