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Warning! This article contains spoilers for the Riverdale episode "The Wicked and the Divine." Read at your own risk!

Hal Cooper has had enough of Chic. The patriarch of the Cooper family gave Betty and Alice an ultimatum in the episode "The Wicked and the Divine," and when neither agreed to kick Chic out of the house, he moved out to stay in an Airbnb. Hal's action was aggressive. Especially when Chic, despite his flaws, is still his son, right? Chic's presence in Riverdale has led fans to believe he might not be who we think he is, and with Hal's leaving, one piece of the puzzle might have been revealed. Namely, Chic might not be Hal's son.

Fans know Hal wasn't on board with Alice having Chic when she found out she was pregnant with him in high school, because he felt they weren't ready to become parents. It's also very possible Hal could've suspected Chic wasn't his, and didn't want Alice to carry the child to term and ruin his picture-perfect imagining of their future. The fact that Hal might still question his claim to Chic would justify why the family man is suddenly so opposed to having the boy in his house, and would also explain why Riverdale has been hinting at a relationship between Alice and another Riverdale resident back in the day.

Riverdale has heavily hinted at some weird stuff happening between Alice Cooper and F.P. Jones back in their high school years, via the two's various interactions over the past two seasons. Their last encounter took place earlier in Season 2, when Alice was at F.P.'s retirement party and he tried to encourage her to leave Hal. That's a weird conversation for two folks who rarely see each other in the present to have, and not one folks have in general on television unless there's serious history between them. Given that, F.P. Jones could unknowingly be Chic Cooper's father.

If Chic does happen to be the love-child of F.P. and Alice, how would this affect Riverdale? For starters, Betty and Jughead (who just got back together) would share a brother. With Hal and Alice on the rocks and Jughead's mom out of the picture, there's always a chance that Alice and F.P. could shack up after learning that Chic is theirs and really make this a family affair. It wouldn't be the most devastating thing to happen on Riverdale, considering Veronica and Archie's relationship held strong despite Veronica's mom hooking up with Archie's dad. Still, the move would add a bit more chaos to Betty's increasingly crazy life, which might just be enough to bring the actual Betty-obsessed Black Hood out of hiding. If that happens, Chic's real dad will be the least of Riverdale's problems.

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