The Young and the Restless has determined how it will pay tribute to its long-time star, Kristoff St. John, following his passing. The actor starred on the CBS soap opera for 28 years. His final episode as Neil Winters aired on February 6. In a tweet the day before, the soap announced its plans to commemorate the beloved actor:

Two days after his final episode aired, The Young and the Restless will pay special tribute to Kristoff St. John. It will happen during this Friday’s episode on February 8, according to the post from the show's official Twitter account. How it will pay tribute to St. John is not entirely clear.

The Young and the Restless did not offer further details on its plans to memorialize the actor. An entire episode devoted to a retrospective of his time on the show could be a possibility. It also stands to reason that a full-scale tribute to the actor could happen sometime in the future.

There are almost 30 years of work to consider including in Kristoff St. John’s tribute. The actor’s run on The Young and the Restless comes to a tragic end, as he neared a significant anniversary with the show. His last air date as Neil Winters comes almost 28 years to the date his very first episode on the soap, aired.

As Neil Winters, Kristoff St. John had been a front-burner character ever since joining. He shared a memorable fan-favorite romance with Victoria Rowell’s Drucilla. Former Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore played Neil’s brother, Malcolm.

How The Young and the Restless will conclude Neil’s story remains to be seen. He was not in the midst of an exit storyline and remained an integral member of The Young and the Restless ensemble. In his final episode, Neil helped his son, Devon, out of a difficult spot. Neil's fatherly support served as the architecture of his final scenes on the soap.

It is possible that the show will explain Neil’s absence temporarily and wait until some time has passed before addressing it on-screen. The Young and the Restless tapes in advance, so it may be a while before a decision is reached.

Kristoff St. John passed away on Sunday, February 3. He was 52 years old. His passing has led to an outpouring of grief on social media, among them messages from colleagues and fans.

He would have been back at The Young and the Restless for nearly a year in March 2019, following a break. Kristoff St. John took a multi-month hiatus from the soap back in October 2017 to address his mental health. Since returning, he has been a steady presence on the show. One that will sadly be missing now.

Check your local listings to find out when The Young and the Restless airs in your area. Kristoff St. John’s tribute will air on the final episode of the week, Friday, February 8. New episodes air weekdays on CBS.

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