CBS Just Bought Two New Dramas, Including One From MacGyver Producer

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CBS has been on a tear lately, as it continues to order new shows despite having a lot of early success with its freshman lineup. Just days after a the network ordered a project from Wilmer Valderrama into development, CBS has now bought two dramas from Jerry Bruckheimer studios. One of which comes from MacGyver (which is coming back in 2020) executive producer Craig O'Neill, and looks to engage audiences in what could be a compelling mystery series.

That project is called Alibi, which is based on A New Zealand series of the same name. The project puts viewers in an interrogation room with investigators, and tells stories from multiple perspectives in a non-linear timeline. Viewers will see suspect's stories, and be challenged to figure out which persons' story is legit and which is false before the truth is uncovered.

In the first season of the original series, each episode centered on a different suspect and their telling of the events that resulted in a teenage girl's death. As mentioned, Craig O'Neill is attached, as are the original show's creators David de Lautour and Hannah Marshall and producer Gareth Williams.

The other project, Out The Door, is an interesting sounding series written by 24 executive producer Evan Katz. Deadline reported this project follows a NYPD detective whose retirement gets pushed off by quite a few years. Frustrated, the detective attempts to get himself fired so he can collect his pension, but unintentionally becomes better at his job in the process.

Evan Katz (who also was an executive producer for 24: Legacy) will executive produce Out The Door, as will Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and KristieAnne Reed. The exact genre of the series is unknown, though with the premise it sounds as though this could be a crime procedural with some comedic elements.

Again, these are the two latest purchases from CBS, which has been having a good run in the fall season thus far. All of its freshman shows are off to a solid start in ratings and viewership, but it never hurts to have a few shows being developed in the background in case things can go south (it's not entirely unheard of, after all). Will either of these shows be there to step up should a series get cancelled, or will CBS ultimately pass on them before then?

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