DC Comics' Grant Morrison Really Wants To Work On Doctor Who, So Why Isn't It Happening Yet?

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Doctor Who's writers have shaken up more about its series in the past two seasons than they have in quite some time, so could more change be on the way? It's a possibility some may be hoping for after a recent interview with legendary DC Comics writer Grant Morrison, who is also one of the minds behind Peacock's Brave New World. Apparently, Morrison is a fan of the British series, and has some ideas should the BBC ever come his way.

Morrison, who has written stories for just about every major DC hero over the years, revealed to TechRadar that he has gone to the folks at Doctor Who in the past with some ideas. So, why hasn't anything of his been used yet? Morrison talked about that, and his grand plans for Who, which sound pretty detailed.

I did pitch a couple [episodes], but it didn't work out. One of these days, I've got a whole season worked out, so I'm sure it'll happen eventually.

While Grant Morrison said that he's always loved Doctor Who, especially Steven Moffat's run writing the series, he did not offer his opinion on current showrunner Chris Chibnall's work, though he does seem to be hopeful that his ideas may be put to use someday. That's not hard to believe, given his body of work across Marvel and DC Comics, and how he's written for Superman, Batman, and just about every hero in between. The Doctor is very much a personality on par with those big heroes, so I can imagine Morrison's writing style would lend itself to the series rather easily.

It's also worth mentioning that the Scotland-born writer does have a history with Doctor Who that dates back to his early career in comics. During his tenure at Marvel UK, Morrison wrote a few comic strips for Doctor Who Magazine, so it's fair to say he has some experience that can speak to his understanding of the character professionally and as a fan.

Even though the timing hasn't been right so far, writing for Doctor Who could still be an option for Grant Morrison someday. I wouldn't be surprised if the writer gets a message from the producers whilst the Time Lord Victorious initiative is happening. With an opportunity to tell a lot of stories across multiple platforms, Morrison may get the chance to work his ideas into what the show is doing on there. If not, he seems to think that a collaboration with the television show's creatives may come down the line, and I'll be eager to hear the details when and if it does.

Doctor Who has an already-filmed holiday special set to air before the end of 2020, and Season 13 is rumored to begin filming soon. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the franchise, and the latest news happening in television and movies.

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