The Big Mistake Doctor Who's John Bishop Made After Becoming A Companion

John Bishop talking on The Graham Norton Show

Doctor Who lost two companions in its latest special but introduced one more at the tail end. British comedian John Bishop will join the show in Season 13 as Dan, and, apparently, he's already made a big mistake in the role before his character's even met The Doctor.

Bishop recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show (which also featured Tom Cruise) and, considering it's a British program, it was only a matter of time before Doctor Who was brought up. Graham Norton asked John Bishop about the show and got a funny anecdote about how the actor unintentionally got himself in hot water with The BBC:

I did a thing for some drama students in Liverpool, you know [a] big Zoom thing, and it was a Q&A; it was just talking about acting and how you got into it and how you got into stand-up comedy. Then one of the questions was: 'Can you tell us anything about your character in Doctor Who?' You know, 'Where does he come from?' I went: 'Well, where do you think he comes from? Have a guess!' You know what I mean, I'm not Tom Cruise. I can act as long as the character happens to look and sound a lot like me...Then the BBC phoned me up and said: 'You've broke the cardinal sin. You've told them something about Doctor Who...' and I went, 'I haven't told them anything! Anybody who looks at me knows he's from Liverpool, let's be honest!'

John Bishop only said a bit, but anyone familiar with the Doctor Who fandom knows that the slightest bit of unknown information is often deconstructed and used to jump to every conclusion possible. In fact, it's likely why fans kept such a close eye on Liverpool to the point that they allegedly caught a former star, Catherine Tate, there and wondered if she too was a part of Season 13.

Of course, John Bishop can't help but laugh about it because he was only making a dig about himself and his range as an actor. In his mind, it felt fairly obvious his character would be from Liverpool because if Dan was from anywhere else, Bishop wouldn't be playing him.

It's an honest mistake and probably one that ensured John Bishop won't leak any bigger secrets about his character in Doctor Who going forward. In the meantime, fans will stay ever vigilant in their quest to press spoilers out of those in the know on the show, and maybe confirm one way or another whether this coming season will actually be Jodie Whittaker's last.

Season 13 of Doctor Who is in development. Those that are looking to get into the series right now can absolutely do so by binging the show over at HBO Max.

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