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A couple more award winners are joining Al Pacino and David Mamet for HBO Film's bio-pic on music icon Phil Spector. The Hollywood Reporter reports that Bette Midler and Jeffrey Tambor have both been cast in the project which will also re-team Pacino with Barry Levinson (who will exec produce here just as he did with You Don't Know Jack, which won Emmys for basically all involved).

Midler will play Linda Kenney Baden opposite Pacino's Spector, as the famed producer's attorney for the first murder trial. "The Wind Beneath My Wings" singer hasn't done much of late, unless you count voicing Kitty Galore in the Cats and Dogs sequel, so this marks a more prestigious role for the actress. Tambor will play Bruce Cutler, another attorney for Spector. Tambor is always brilliant (he was George Bluth) and you can catch him on NBC later this year on a new comedy called Bent.

I would talk a bit about how Pacino was one of the finest actors in the 70s who kind of went down the toilet in recent years until the role of Jack Kevorkian came alone (there were a few other decent turns as well) but Eric already summed that up nicely... Instead I'll briefly mention how exciting it is to see Pacino re-team with Mamet because Glengarry Glen Ross is one of those decent turns I mentioned. What? Eric covered that too? Damn. That's why his watch is worth more than my car.

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