Anthony Edwards Returns To ER

It looks like Noah Wylie isn’t the only former cast member of ER set to make an appearance in the series’ fifteenth and final season. It’s been announced that Anthony Edwards, who played Dr. Mark Greene in the series has signed on to return to the series for one more episode. But didn’t Mark die? That’s what I thought too but to be honest, I had stopped watching the show before Edwards’ character was officially killed off by a brain tumor and I had to check Wikipedia to confirm it. Edwards’ character was in fact killed off years ago.

According to NBC’s announcement, Edwards’ character won’t be returning from the dead. His appearance will be included during a flashback scene involving Angela Bassett’s character, Dr. Banfield. The episode is titled “Heal Thyself.” NBC also said that the series of newly shot scenes will feature other characters from the show’s past as well. "We had hoped to bring back some of "ER's" stars for the final season and think that our loyal fans will enjoy seeing some of the shows most beloved and memorable characters," said executive producer John Wells.

Does anyone think there’s any chance that George Clooney might return for an episode? After all, ER is the show that really lit his career on fire. Sure, he was around long before the medical drama came about (The Facts of Life, Roseanne and one of my personal favorite old, almost-forgotten series, Sisters) but ER really put Clooney on the map and his career has thrived since. Regardless of whether or not he returns to the show, and the fact that I don’t even watch ER anymore, I still think it’s great that Edwards will be returning for an episode. It seems only fitting that past characters come back to leave their mark on the final season of the long-running series.

Kelly West
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