At the end of “Trust But Verify,” last week's episode of Arrow, a word was whispered in relation to Thea's arrest that not only set up tomorrow night's installment but also probably pricked up the ears of DC Comics faithful. The word, or more accurately name, in question was "Vertigo," which happens to be both the drug that the Queen princess dropped and the name of a DCU super villain.

Oh, and it's also this week's title. Take a look at the exciting preview for "Vertigo" that introduces the big bad played by former Fringe recurring star Seth Gabel. Just the fact that Lincoln Lee is crossing over to the DC universe is exciting enough news (he'd be a perfect choice to play The Flash), but eve more so since the turn looks intensely different than what we've seen from him before. Here's the trailer...

As you can see, Gabel is going all out in the crazy department and we all know that memorable villain performances make the most special superhero installments. Not to continue beating the Chris Nolan The Dark Knight Saga connection to death but it's also quite clear that this revamped version of Count Vertigo owes a little to Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow. Meh, doesn't bother me. I'm still really excited. "Can you escape the effects of Vertigo? It's your choice..."

Arrow Episode 12, "Vertigo," airs tomorrow night at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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