Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, And John Edwards All Get The Colbert Bump

Hey, remember when The Daily Show was cool? Now Jon Stewart is yesterday’s news, as tonight he was officially eclipsed by his protégé Stephen Colbert.

Comedy Central has been broadcasting The Colbert Report from Philadelphia (the city of brotherly crunch) this week, in honor of the impending, possibly president deciding Pennsylvania Primaries. Tonight Colbert wrapped up his visit with appearances from not only Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, but their former opponent (and possible running mate) John Edwards, all crammed in to a single episode.

Hillary fixed Stephen Colbert’s studio, John Edwards stole the show by pronouncing his undying love of Jet Skis, and Obama admitted that he too believes Grizzly Bears are the greatest threat facing America. America’s political process has never been funnier.

Whether you’re a Colbert fan or not, tonight’s broadcast was without a doubt, a little piece of television history. For those of you who missed it, watch the biggest moments of Thursday night’s Colbert Report below:

Clinton Takes On Technical Difficulties

Ed Words

Obama Puts Distractions On Notice

Josh Tyler