There are plenty of law enforcement dramas out in the universe, but not a ton of them attempt super strange or high concepts when trying to make it to the small screen. Brett Ratner and Barry Schindel’s aren’t scared of a little challenge, however, and have signed on for an FBI-oriented drama project called Tomorrow at ABC.

Tomorrow was created and written by Katherine Lindberg and Ted Cyr, and will be directed by Ratner if the project goes to series. Additionally, Schindel will act as showrunner and will executive produce, alongside Lindberg, Cyr, Michael Sugar, and Nicole Romano. If you noted I mentioned “goes to series” rather than “goes to pilot” in that former sentence, that’s because Tomorrow has bargained for one hell of a deal. According to Deadline, Tomorrow has the opportunity to go straight from script to series if ABC decides it likes the project.

The drama project still needs a script if it wants that elusive 13-episode series order, however. While Tomorrow definitely is a unique premise, following an FBI agent who gets involved with time travel, finding himself trapped in a place that is not where he wants to be. Other than its very basic premise, we don’t know much about the potential project, but the good news is, Schindel’s been around the law enforcement block more then once, producing and writing on projects like Law & Order, Castle, and Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior. Ratner, too, is a pretty big name to direct, so hopefully Tomorrow has a good shot. We’ll have to wait until the future to find out, unless anyone happens to have a time traveling machine at his or her disposal.

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