Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has finally set the online premiere for H+ The Digital Series. After kicking around for some time, including a visit to San Diego Comic-Con, the web series from X-Men's Bryan Singer is schedule to air on YouTube on August 8. A trailer for H+ surfaced a while back, oddly well after the convention, but since no one remembers seeing it (if they ever did), it's probably worth another (or first) look at the futuristic series about a technological apocalypse. Bah! Technophobes! And no, that's not a fear of The Chemical Brothers.

As you can see, the digital series is about a future where humans have become hardwired to the Internet, with the help of the HPlus chip, only to soon watch a third of them get wiped out by an unknown virus. According to the network, H+ The Digital Series "deals with the massive political and human changes that take place, the fight for survival and the mystery to discover who is behind this atrocity." Co-created by John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso, the show was directed by Stewart Handler and stars a large international cast including David Clayton Rogers (Jane By Design), Alexis Denisof (Buffy), Hannah Simone (New Girl) and Amir Arison (Law & Order: SVU).

Oh, and if you're curious why the series is called H+ The Digital Series, complete with a chip named 'HPlus,' it's probably because the group formerly known as the World Transhumanist Association - advocates of the advancement of humanity through the use of emerging (bio)technology - now goes by the name Humanity+. Something to think about as you look over the newly released stills...

Finally, WB and YouTube announced that they would be bringing H+ back to SDCC again this year, with a special screening and Q&A on the Friday (July 13 at 7:30 at a special YouTube Comic-Con Event in San Diego) featuring Denisof, Rogers and Gunn as well as Cabrera, Hendler and Producer Jason Taylor. H+ The Digital Series debuts August 8 on YouTube. You can subscribe to the show here.

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