We're still a couple of months away from the return of Californication, but Showtime has already set the premiere date for Season 6, and now we have a teaser to show you, which features Hank being presented with a "terrible idea." He doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic about it as other people do. It seems his novel is about to get butchered again. Or the butchered adaptation of his novel is about to get re-butchered, anyway.

We learned last month that Californication Season 6 would premiere January 13. Maggie Grace is set to play "infamous rock groupie" Faith, while Tim Minchin will play Atticus Fetch, a character described as "a mad-as-a-hatter rock star who will write the music for the Broadway production of Hank’s hit novel." We get a glimpse of Minchin's character in the teaser below, and what appears to be the birth of the referenced terrible idea.

Rock opera! Are those ever a terrible idea? The answer is probably yes. Mostly, yes, right? Sometimes no, though. I don't know, but it could make for a really fun season (with some great music, maybe?). The teaser doesn't offer much, but it does remind us that Californication is on the way!

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