The Catch Just Recast Another Key Role

Over in ShondaLand, there are no guarantees that characters and the actors that play them will be around from one season to the next, or even one episode to the next. Hell, Shonda Rhimes’ newest production, the twisty drama The Catch, has already gone through multiple casting changes, and we’re still 6 months away from seeing a premiere. The newest cast member to sign on is former Lost actress Sonya Walger, and we’re hoping she’s in it for the long haul.

According to TVLine, Walger is taking over as the mischievous Zoe, who is the wife and immoral counterpart of Kieran Booth, a money-grubbing con artist played by Peter Krause. Though she loves her husband and everything about their lives together, Zoe can’t help but feel as if he’s becoming more distant as time goes by. That probably has something to do with what he’s got going on the side.

The basic premise of The Catch sees Mireille Enos’ fraud investigator Alice in the middle of an inconsistent engagement with, you guessed it, Kieran. He’s got devious plans for her, but once she realizes what’s happening, she turns the tables and develops her own plans. Plus, she got other cases that will presumably work their way in and out of the central storyline. Maybe Kieran should find a different hobby if he can’t keep his emotions from getting muddled.

Walger is replacing One Tree Hill’s Bethany Joy Lenz for the role of Zoe, after Lenz was let go from the show a couple of months ago. This is the second recasting to take place in the last few weeks, as Krause himself was brought in to take over the Kieran role from NCIS’ Damon Dayoub. Perhaps this will be the last change-up before it hits the schedule. Perhaps not.

While possibly best known as the lovely (and rarely seen) Penny Widmore on Lost, Walger has been in all kinds of TV shows over the years, from the British comedy Coupling to CSI: NY to Common Law. Most recently, she’s appeared on Parenthood, Elementary, and Power. This will be her second trip to ShondaLand, as she had a two-episode arc on Scandal last year. She’ll be seen next in Will Slocombe’s comedy The Escort with Bruce Campbell, which comes out later this month, and Ryan Schwartz’s comedic drama Still Life.

The Catch, with a pilot written by Hannibal’s Jennifer Schuur, is based on a concept put together by author Kate Atkinson and Helen Gregory. It will completely bypass the fall season on its way to making a debut on ABC at some point in January 2016, presumably grouped in some way with the rest of Rhimes’ series.

Nick Venable
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