According to a tweet posted yesterday by series creator Shawn Ryan, tonight’s episode of The Chicago Code has been written by Tim Minear and Jon Worley, both of whom wrote for Ryan’s last series, the unfortunately short-lived FX drama Terriers. More details and some video clips from the episode ahead!

Minear’s extensive list of writing credits also includes Dollhouse, K-Ville, Drive and Wonderfalls. Ryan also tweeted that Worley and Minear will be answering fan questions via Twitter after both of the East and West Coast broadcast of tonight’s episode. Follow Shawn Ryan via twitter @ShawnRyanTV and Tim Minear @CancelledAgain (Heh. Let’s hope not this time around!). And this one is unconfirmed but Jon Worley’s Twitter (judging by the brief bio and the tweets about The Chicago Code) may be @Jaawworley.

It seems from Fox’s description (below) that we’ll be learning a bit more about Gibbons’ past during tonight’s episode. I’m very interested to see how that plays out, especially after watching the clips (further down).

After a bomber blows up a city building, additional targets and innocent people remain in danger. Teresa handles the escalating crisis as Jarek and Caleb race against time to track down the suspect who might have ties to the Chicago Liberation Army. Meanwhile, Alderman Gibbons takes matters into his own hands when an armed teenage robber threatens him, which triggers a reflection on his own youth and upbringing when he was more of an idealist in the all-new “Cabrini-Green” episode of THE CHICAGO CODE airing Monday, Feb. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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