Colbert Vs Branson To Air: Best Awkward Water Fight Winner

During a taping of the ‘Colbert Report’ last week some audience members reported that Sir Richard Branson, the eccentric rich British dude from Virgin Airlines and that space flight billionaire joy ride, dumped his mug of water on Lord Stephen’s head. Either the scenario was brilliantly set up, or there was some true tension between the two. We don’t know for sure. What is clear is seeing Colbert and Billionaire Branson get into a wet suit coat contest makes for great television.

Attendees had alerted BoingBoing to the shenanigans, and it was assumed the producers of the ‘Report’ would not allow the water fight to air. That seems incorrect on a number of levels. First of all, Colbert himself would insist on such golden television to air. He’s certainly not shied away from the controversy with his show and ‘The Daily Show’ making the rounds on Youtube. Not long ago he explained a broken wrist as an accident off-camera to work up the audience, at the end of the bit Colbert moans, “Please don’t put this on Youtube.” So yeah, Colbert and his rapist wit are fully prepared to air the Branson fight.

The altercation itself seems like either a poorly designed bit, or Richard Branson proving that rich and crazy doesn’t quite equal funny. After being denied the chance to name his new budget airline (a tactic Colbert uses to great effect in his parody of guys like Bill O’Reilly) Branson doused the host with water. Colbert retaliated with his own version of American justice, but during the break was reported to look angry and ruffled.

Whether scripted or not, the good news is that the taping is set to air on Comedy Central as planned on August 22nd. This is a huge step for the freedom of Americans in every country around the world, as well as the freedom of Stephen Colbert to have as many Eagle honey roasted peanuts as his patriotic digestive tract can handle.

Steve West

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.