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The Colbert Report To Resume After Death Of Stephen Colbert's Mother

Things have been amiss with Comedy Central’s talk show programming lately. John Stewart is on a break from The Daily Show in order to direct Rosewater, putting John Oliver in the hot seat. Recently, the network’s other flagship program, The Colbert Report, opted to take a break, as well, in response to the death of host Stephen Colbert’s mother. However, reports indicate that The Colbert Report will return to its scheduled programming tonight.

Lorna Elizabeth Tuck Colbert died last Wednesday in South Carolina. The 92-year-old matriarch left behind numerous family members with the Charleston Post & Courier reporting her as the “mother” of “a family of 82.” After her passing, The Colbert Report opted to go on hiatus for Thursday’s episode last week and two early episodes this week, which ended up being replaced by reruns in the schedule. However, the Wednesday and Thursday night guests this week are a bigger deal and it seems Colbert wanted to jump back into his work rather than try to reschedule the episodes.

THR first reported the news, noting that tonight’s episode will feature the band The Postal Service, who recently reunited. Thursday’s episode will feature prolific producer and writer (and fan favorite) Joss Whedon, who has numerous projects in the pipeline, including the recently released Much Ado About Nothing.

Colbert is not really a person who drops in and out of his late night show on a whim. However, the recent cancellations are not the first time that Colbert has stopped working in order to be with his mother. In February of 2012, Colbert also took some time off to spend precious moments with his then-ailing mother. Even when The Colbert Show cancelled programming during that time, it was only for the latter half of a week.

It may seem a little strange that Colbert would want to jump back into the game so soon after his mother has died. Regardless, each person handles illness and death differently. Some people need more time off to mourn and grieve, but for others it can be better to jump back into a normal routine. Clearly, Colbert’s mother was in rough shape before she passed, and we can only hope that her death was painless and that her family was prepared. Our hearts go out to Colbert and his family during this time.

Without further ado, take a look at Colbert calling his mother “tough as nails.”

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