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Comedy Bang! Bang! Preview: Funny Or Die's Ultimate Teaser Trailer

Scott Aukerman's Comedy Bang! Bang! premieres tonight on IFC. Developed from his popular podcast of the same name, the talk show (of sorts) will feature in studio and taped sketches as well as musical-comedian Reggie Watts as the one man band leader. Like the variety programs its spoofs, CB!B! will also have celebrity guests stopping by for a chat and a healthy mix of them have teamed up to promote the new series with this epic preview. Here's Funny or Die's "Ultimate Teaser Trailer" for Comedy Bang! Bang!. Take a look...

Wow. That was a lot of celebrities dropping some seriously heavy (and hilariously cliche) one-liners. It does show the kind of pull that Aukerman's program will have in the comedic world, since he's undoubtedly become buddies with a lot of these funny guys and gals over the course of his career as the host of IFC Comedy Death Ray, a writer and actor on Mr. Show as well as producing Zach Galifianakis Between Two Ferns.

A few of my favorite cameos in the teaser trailer include Galifianakis as well as former Ferns guests Jon Hamm and Michael Cera, but Weird Al Yankovic running with his accordion might have topped them all. Oh, and that was Scott Aukerman himself at the end, battered and bruised, asking "what does it all mean?" Well, you can find out tonight when Comedy Bang! Bang! premieres at 10 p.m. ET on IFC.