The presidents of the major TV networks are meeting with the press this week as part of the biannual Television Critics Association tour, in which they present their new shows, answer questions about the old ones, and generally try to get press going for whatever they want us to watch this season. Today NBC President Bob Greenblatt is up for questioning, and as expected, he's being peppered with a lot of questions about his struggling network and how, exactly, they're going to turn it around. And thankfully, he also got asked about Community, the much-beloved show put on hiatus for the spring season.

The show is currently shooting new episodes to finish up Season 3, and according to tweets from The Hollywood Reporter's Tim Goodman, Greenblatt promises they will see the light of day-- but it's hard to make any promises on a fourth season. Here are the two tweets that shed light on that:

Then again, the NBC situation is so grim that there's no telling how awful all of their other spring shows might be, so Community may still have a chance after all. In the meantime, we can be happy knowing the episodes the cast is currently shooting will in fact be seen, though there's no date yet in place. We'll let you know as more news breaks from the TCA tour, and if anything happens to give us more faith in a fourth season of Community.

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