It's almost October 19! Wait, no it isn't. But that was the original premiere date for Community's Season 4 premiere. As you probably know, if you're a fan of the NBC comedy, the show was pushed back to February 7, which is now just a couple of weeks away. To celebrate, NBC has shared a fun Community remix. Prepare to get musical!

If there was an upside to Community's premiere being moved to February, it's that NBC was able to make a space for it on Thursday night, with 30 Rock set to wrap up for good. Of course, it'll be going up against ratings-winner The Big Bang Theory on Thursday nights again, so we might not want to expect amazing ratings, but Thursday is better than Friday! And that brings us to this Thursday night remix to celebrate the show's anticipated return.

The video above uses snippets of some of the whackier moments of the NBC comedy series to compile this catchy music remix and remind us that Community will be back on Thursday nights soon enough! As if we need reminding…

Want a glimpse of Season 4? Watch the latest clips for the season premiere here.

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