Conveyor Belt of Love Preview

With every new season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, I find myself wondering why people would want to subject themselves to the kind of anxiety and potential rejection that can come from dating on camera. It seems ABC has found a new way to showcase (or exploit… however you want to look at it) the search for love. Following Monday night’s season premiere of The Bachelor, ABC will premiere the one-hour special, Conveyor Belt of Love. And yes, the title pretty much sums up exactly what this show is about. Five women will get the chance to browse thirty men presented to them on a conveyor belt. Video clips and a full description of the special ahead!

ABC has this listed as a special, so this is just a one-shot deal (for now anyway), which will premiere after The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love's season premiere. Below is ABC’s description of the special, including how the game will work. Further down are a couple of video clips.

Following the season premiere of "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love," five women take a shot at finding love when 30 men are given the chance to impress them as they pass by on a moving conveyor belt, on Conveyor Belt of Love, MONDAY, JANUARY 4 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.In this hilarious and fast-paced one-hour special, one by one the 30 men are presented on the "Conveyor Belt of Love" to the five women and given 60 seconds to impress them. If a woman is interested in someone, that man will step aside and wait as the rest of the men go by. But if another man comes by on the belt who seems better than that woman's first choice, she can swap out the man waiting off of the belt as many times as she wants until the last man has passed by. If two or more of the women are interested in the same man, the tables turn and the man on the conveyor belt gets to choose which one he would like to wait for. After all 30 men have made it through the "Conveyor Belt of Love," each woman is left with her final choice as she embarks on a date in the hope of finding a true connection. Will these five women be happy with their choices?

My own opinions of dating-reality-shows aside, it seems like the people involved in this show are there to have some fun and a few laughs. The Chris Farley guy seems sweet enough.

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