Deathstroke Attacks In New Arrow Clip From 'The Man Under The Hood'

What better way to be welcomed back to your secret lair than by the gravely voice of your arch-nemesis? That's how the above clip for this week's Arrow begins. Oliver is literally mid-sentence, talking about how Slade's not going to stop when -- speak of the devil -- there's Slade, ready for a fight and pretty unnecessarily armed, considering no one else showed up to this party in costume. Way to make a mess of Team-Arrow headquarters, Deathstroke.

Slade is covered from head to to in armor and weaponry, while Oliver, Sarah and Diggle are more or less on their own. Ok, Diggle has a gun, which does absolutely nothing, and Oliver finds some weapons to use. But all three characters were left on the floor in under the minute, while Felicity -- who wisely stayed out of the fray -- was there to turn the lights back on when it was all over.

The description for "The Man Under the Hood" implies that this attack at Arrow's lair happens early on in the episode. We also know that Thea's going to hit her breaking point, Oliver will try to reach her but Slade will intervene and force Oliver to make a choice. Is he going to put two people Oliver cares about in danger at the same time and make him choose? Because Oliver's kind of been in that situation before, but that might be what Slade's going for.

We also know from the trailer that Slade's plan to use the mirakuru on the prisoners may be well underway...


Roy may or may not be a part of that. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on with him in the trailer (he he the guy hooked up to that thing in the center of the prisoner's circle?), but we did see this...


Check out the full trailer below:

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. on CW. This week's episode is the first in the final five episodes of the second season. And it's thankfully also the start of a full run of episodes with no breaks between now and the May 14 finale!

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