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Since ABC canceled veteran soaps One Life to Live and All My Children back in April, fans of the soaps -- a dying breed -- have been wondering when the two programs would officially end. Tentative dates were September for All My Children and next January for One Life to Live, but with September looming on the horizon, ABC has finally laid out the official announcement. The final airdate for All My Children will be September 23rd.

Perhaps the hope, then, is to distract mournful viewers with ABC’s regular fall programming, which usually begins around that last week of September. Until then, there are only a few guest star-sprinkled months of All My Children to fill DVRs. Last week, < a href= http://www.cinemablend.com/television/What-Former-Soap-Star-Cameo-All-My-Children-32683.html>Josh Duhamel confirmed he would rejoin the cast come August. Carol Burnett, Eva La Rue, Jennifer Bassey, Kate Collins, Thorsten Kay, Leven Rambin, and Melissa Claire Egan have also confirmed returns, providing an equally nostalgic end for both cast members and viewers.

According to THR, ABC also indicated the final episodes of All My Children would focus on the popular family stories that are such an integral part of soap opera programming. They make it sound so quaint, don’t they? What we really should expect is some gold-digging, the occasional return from the dead, and certainly a wedding or two. It’ll take talent to shove all that into one finale, but these writers have been at it for years. They’ll figure something out. Besides, there’s only one thing left that still intrigues me about All My Children. I need to know whether they’re going to kill off Erica Kane. Part of me hopes they do, but I have no way of knowing until September 23rd. Vote in the poll below and let us know whether you think they’ll kill her off.

Will All My Children Kill Off Erica Kane?