It is with sadness that we share the news that actor Conrad Bain has died. While his credits in film and television go back to the '50's, Bain is likely best known for playing the Drummond family patriarch in the 70s/80s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes. Reports state that the actor passed away on Monday night at the age if 89.

TMZ shared the news, reporting that details surrounding Bain's death are unclear, however he died on Monday night in Livermore, California, as confirmed by "Bain family sources."

Among Bain's acting credits throughout the years are roles in Studio One in Hollywood, The Defenders, Dark Shadows and Maude, but many of us likely remember him best for playing Philip Drummond, the wealthy Manhattanite in the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes who adopted two Harlem kids into his family. Bain brought a lot of heart and humor to the role, which had him parenting Armold and Willis, in addition to his biological daughter Kimberly. His acting credits in recent years were scarce, though he did appear in an episode of Unforgettable back in 2011. Prior to that, his last credited role was a reprisal of Philip Drummond for an episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

While he hasn't done a lot of acting in recent years, I'm sure those of us who appreciated the warmth and humor Bain brought to Philip Drummond in Diff'rent Strokes will always remember him fondly.

You can catch a scene with Philip and Arnold in Diff'rent Strokes in the video below. Jump to about the 2:30 mark.

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