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Will The Doctor Who Season 9 Finale Bring Back Another Doctor

We haven’t even quite made it to the beginning of Doctor Who Season 9, so let’s rampantly speculate about how it might end, shall we? There’s a crazy rumor going around that the final episode of the upcoming season may bring back a previous Doctor. Well we enjoy a good Doctor Who rumor, so let’s investigate the evidence, which says The Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant, may be making his return.

There's been a slew of evidence that has popped up online in recent weeks related to the possibility that Tennant may appear, indicating a possible guest appearance by the actor in the season finale. Warped Factor has noted that there's photographic evidence that both Tennant and former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies were recently in Cardiff, Wales during the same time as the Season 9 finale readthrough.

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Cardiff is the location of BBC Wales, which is the home base for Doctor Who. So, Tennant was in the same city, so what, right? Well, current Doctor Peter Capaldi and current showrunner Steven Moffat have also been dropping some hints recently that the series would return to an old episode The Fires of Pompeii in order to explain why the Twelfth Doctor looks so much like the Roman merchant Caesilius.

The reason, of course, is that Peter Capaldi is a professional actor who was cast in that role five years before the job of playing the lead was available to him. Fun fact, former 11th Doctor companion Karen Gillan has a role in the same episode. Still, it’s a piece of information the show can have some fun with. If that were to happen, a cameo by Tennent would certainly make sense, as he was The Doctor in that episode, although nobody has mentioned Catherine Tate’s Donna Noble guest starring as well, and if they’re going to do this that needs to happen.

Last week the Doctor Who cast was doing a read through of the episode 12 finale, which proves Tennant was in town around the same time the read through occurred.

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Coincidence? Well, yeah probably, but if you felt the need to explain why Tennant was in Cardiff, this would qualify (although it doesn’t explain why Davies is there too, but never mind that). From here the rumor gets downright conspiratorial. If you look at the image above you’ll see that the title has been redacted and if you look really close and squint you can see that it’s been replaced with a simple X. Which is a roman numeral. For the number 10. Half Life 3 confirmed. Wait, sorry, wrong rumor.

The evidence is flimsy, but it does exist and we would love to see Tennant return as much as anybody. We’ll keep our eyes on this and see if anything comes of it. Until then we can all get ready for Season 9 to start on BBC One and BBC America September 19.

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