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Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show toward the beginning of August, and his team is already busy trying to come up with some clever segments for the final episode. A few weeks ago, we learned that The Daily Show was reaching out to Stewart’s detracts for an amusing segment in which they would tell the comedic news host to “fuck off.” Now, we can confirm that Donald Trump has definitely been asked by the series to appear toward the end of Jon Stewart’s tenure. Here’s what he has to say about his potential to appear.
They have invited me. I like Jon Stewart — I think he’s good. They’re begging me to go on. I would do it ... the problem is it looks like pandering. It looks so false and so phony if I do it.

Obviously, it seems as if Trump is not particularly gung ho about appearing to poke fun at Jon Stewart. It may have something to do with the negative press Trump has received lately following comments that the former Celebrity Apprentice host has made regarding Mexican immigrants, not to mention the fallout related to those comments. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has not been immune to talking about Trump in the aftermath, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Donald Trump is hoping to lay low—at least when it comes to liberal leaning outlets.

Still, if the man had a sense of humor at all, you’d think it would be pretty fun to be a part of the final episode of a comedy series that has changed the landscape of political humor since Stewart took over back in 1999. Sure, it’s a show that recently hosted political opponent Barack Obama, but it’s hardly pandering to come on for a segment largely based around comedy and juxtapositions. It looks like that’s not how Trump sees it, though, but maybe he’ll change his mind between when he talked to The Hill about the prospect and when the final episode airs.

Trump did appear on an episode of The Daily Show way back in 2004, although maybe he’s just more concerned about coming on to drop f-bombs on the camera. He's also got a lot more at stake right now thanks to this Presidential run.

There are still plenty of politicians Jon Stewart has lampooned over the years who could return for the special. There’s no word yet on whether Sarah Palin or Bill O’Reilly could make an appearance in the finale, but it’ll be fun just to tune in and find out who will appear in the grand finale.

After Stewart's run ends on August 6, we’ll have just a few weeks without The Daily Show before comedian and former correspondent Trevor Noah takes over the reigns. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will hit the schedule on Monday, September 28 at 11 p.m. ET.