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Ellen Pompeo is one of the highest-paid actresses on television. She’s spent nearly eight years portraying Meredith on ABC's Grey’s Anatomy. Apparently, she’s taken all of her hard-earned moolah from the show and thrown it into a production company called Calamity Jane. Now, Calamity Jane has sold its first project, unsurprisingly, to the network that has supported Pompeo in the past.

ABC has bought a currently untitled drama from Calamity Jane, with a script commitment attached. The project is about some diplomatic security people, or special agents who follow American officials around the world in order to keep them safe. The job can be pretty dangerous, and the script will focus on the dangers as well as the personal issues in the lives of a few Diplomatic Security Service agents. Mike Sussman, who has written for Star Trek: Enterprise as well as the upcoming Perception, is on board to write.

While security details have made it onto television before, the Diplomatic Security Service hasn’t really been explored, especially the females in the agency. If you are interesting in getting a feel for what material the show might cover, you should check out a recent bodyguard article in ELLE.

If it pans out, the timing could go really well for Pompeo. According to Deadline, she’s in the last year of her contract for Grey’s Anatomy. I’m not saying that Pompeo is necessarily on her way out of Grey’s, but after eight seasons, Grey’s is on its last legs. There may be a few more seasons in there somewhere, but it just seems like a good time to try something else.