Fear is born! That's the tagline for NBC's miniseries adaptation of Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby. But apparently, fear still doesn't have a due date. While NBC has begun to promote the series with a new poster that does a pretty great job of teasing the story, there's still no premiere date set for the event. But we know it's "coming soon," at the very least.

(Vague spoilers in the form of a screenshot from the original Rosemary's Baby film ahead!)

EW shared the above poster, which offers a sight only vaguely similar to the end of Roman Polanski's feature adaptation of the story...


In the case of NBC's miniseries, the basinet's a stroller, which also appears to be a nod to the art for the 1968 film...


Zoe Saldana's Rosemary is looking a bit more glamorous in silhouette before a Parisian backdrop for the NBC poster. And it is worth noting the pixie haircut, which looks similar to Rosemary's hairstyle in the Polanski film, which starred Mia Farrow. Of the two stills EW shared in addition to the poster, one shows Saldana with the short hair and another shows her with her hair grown out, presumably from earlier in the story...


NBC's miniseries adaptation stars Saldana and Suits' Patrick J. Adams as a happy couple who move to Paris where they befriend neighbors Roman (Jason Isaacs) and Margaux (Carole Bouquet). Things get even better for them when Rosemary gets pregnant and Guy has some career success. Christina Cole plays Julie, their best friend and a coworker of Guy. She begins to grow concerned over Rosemary's health as the pregnancy progresses, while Guy begins to distance himself from Rosemary and spends more and more time with Roman and Margaux. Rosemary eventually begins to look into the history of the building and their new friends and learns something dark about Roman.

Those who've seen the movie or read the book likely know where the story is heading, but it should be interesting to see how this new adaptation, which was written by Scott Abbott and James Wong, handles the story. Hopefully NBC will have a premiere date for the miniseries soon, and maybe a creepy teaser?

UPDATED: Via TVLine, would you look at that? A new teaser! I don't know if it's all that creepy, apart from the ominous music, but it gives us an earful of a crying baby that seems to be glowing...

If you haven't seen the 1968 film, which was set in New York City, Netflix has it available streaming. Check out the trailer below...

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