It’s been a little while since Cinema Blend has heard from Gary Busey. Last spring he spent a crazy and surprisingly elongated tenure on Celebrity Apprentice. More recently, he filmed Piranha 3DD and landed a few other roles in film projects in Hollywood. Now, Gary Busey is ready to return to television, this time in a scripted role.

Scripted or no, Busey is often at his best when he is playing himself, if you will, and that’s exactly who CBS would like Busey to be. The Academy Award nominated actor will appear on Two and a Half Men as a version of himself who is staying in a mental hospital. THR is reporting in the episode, Alan (John Cryer) will begin to unravel after his brother’s death and will soon begin to believe he actually is his brother. Which brings us to where the mental hospital will fit in.

Busey’s big moment will pop up pretty quickly. The episode he will guest star in premieres on November 14, so we only have a little over a week to set our DVRs for the event. Even though I’ve pretty much boycotted Two and a Half Men at this juncture, I might check it out. It’s always pretty cool to see an actor come to complete terms with former failures and inadequacies, whatever those may be. If you can joke about real deep shit, you are sure to be fine. Maybe that’s why I appreciate the guest stars on Saturday Night Live so much.

CBS’ Two and a Half Men airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET

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