In addition to including a cluster of new characters in Glee's current fourth season, the series has managed to work many of the previously graduated characters into the story, some with greater finesse than others. Ashley Fink's Lauren Zizes has not been among them. The former flame of Puck's has not been around, and until today, there was no word on whether or not we'd be seeing her back at William McKinley High School.

Last spring, EW reported that Fink would not be returning for the remainder of the third season, and at that time, there was no word on whether she'd be back on the show for Season 4. Today TVLine reports that she will, but it's just for one episode as a guest star.

Fink will be appearing in an episode that involves a Sadie Hawkins Dance. Those traditionally involve the girls asking the boys to the dance. But as TVLine points out, most of the male students featured on the show this season are spoken for, with the exception of Ryder or Jake, depending on which (if either) Marley will invite. The very nature of the dance invites the opportunity for Marley to make a choice, which should be interesting. Perhaps Zizes will choose the other. Or maybe Puck will stop back in town for the dance? He certainly wouldn't be the first graduate to wander back onto campus to mingle with the remaining WMHS students.

Glee fans have about a month to wait for the series to return, but those eagerly anticipating Fink's appearance will be happy to know that she's set to show up in the first episode that airs next year, which is scheduled for January 24.

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