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It has been a long summer; and while the time off from school and overcrowded beaches are great, fall brings cooler weather and with it, new television. I won’t pretend to be some kind of television addict, with Hawaii Five-0 being the only show on my docket this season, but I do appreciate the routine - it’s always nice to have something to do on Monday nights. Especially now that it’s clear Hawaii Five-0 has more than improved on the efforts of its’ first season.

Last season cliff-hung us with McGarrett arrested over the shooting of the governor, who turned out to be in cahoots with Wo-Fat the entire time. Even at the end of last season I had a feeling that this situation wouldn’t last long, because there’s only so long that Five-0 could last without McGarrett out to move things along. As was expected, by the end of the episode McGarrett was cleared and the boys were all back together again.

What makes the show so much fun to watch is that despite it being pretty point-a-to-point-b, the journey is packed with action. So what’s basically an episode about McGarrett breaking out of prison and hiding until his name is conveniently cleared has enough going on to keep the story zipping along. The introduction of Terry O’Quinn’s character is also a welcome addition, in part because there’s no such thing as too much John Locke, and more importantly because it gives Steve something new to squirm over. Anyone who has watched this show in its entirety knows that the best episodes come when Steve is under duress, for one reason or another.

O’Quinn’s character (Joe White, original, I know) helps to uncover more about Steve’s father, culminating in a video showing Wo-Fat and Steve’s father shaking hands with the governor. Perhaps he was undercover, getting information on Wo-Fat; or perhaps he was in with him the entire time? Steve’s daddy issues have always been a part of the show, but expect that to expand even further in the near future. The big twist of the episode really came when Steve’s potential love interest, Jenna Kaye (you know, that short haired girl from last season) is working for Wo-Fat. I’m not big on twists like this generally, but I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and see what happens next week.

The only other major development was the kidnapping of Kono, along with her ongoing suspension at HPD. I expect that to be resolved by next week, and can’t say there’s any real reason to be concerned by it; she’s the only sex appeal on the show and isn’t a character that’s going anywhere any time soon. The boys were able to rescue her, so now it’s really just a matter of getting her back in HPD and on the Five-0 squad again. It was a happening first episode, and I hope to see that continue in upcoming weeks. Stay tuned to CBS on Monday’s at nine, and look for my recaps to be up every Tuesday morning!