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Dollhouse’s second season premiered last Friday, but Fox waited until today to get series star and outspoken Red Sox fan Eliza Dushku on the line for a conference call with journalists. We’ll have the full transcript of that interview for you in the next day or two, but in the meantime here’s a rundown of some highlights, including how Eliza feels about still being stuck on the televised Green Mile that is Friday nights on Fox.

  • As Joss mentioned in his pre-premiere conference call, much of the season will be spent exploring the other Dollhouses and the inner workings of the organization. As Eliza said, “You’ll get a feel for just how big the Rossum Corporation is.”
  • She said she is enjoying working with Summer Glau, who is "bringing her A-game." She also hinted that Echo and Glau’s Bennett “have some backstory to fight out.”
  • When asked how she felt about returning in the same Friday-night slot and following a pair of sitcoms, Eliza was diplomatic and optimistic. “People who wanted to find the show, did. We do our thing. We’re grateful to our fans and grateful to Fox.”
  • Eliza said this season is both more challenging and more rewarding, since she’s playing a character who is existing in a more complicated state than “blank-slate Doll and engagement Echo.” Echo is forming her own ethics and morals. When asked how she handles playing such a scattered character, she joked, “I’m schizophrenic.”
  • She said that Joss and the writers do pay attention to the reaction of fans – although this isn’t necessarily good news for fans of specific characters. She quipped, “When [Joss] sees someone falling in love with a character, he’s been known to assassinate them.”
  • The actress said she prefers not to have too much insight into where her character is going down the line. “I don’t want to know necessarily what’s going to happen in three episodes, because that might affect how I play Echo today.”
  • Eliza said playing a mother in an upcoming episode was actually more challenging for her than the usual mix of fisticuffs and fetishware. In a soundbite sure to send fanboys into seizures, she added, “Trying to breastfeed someone else’s baby is harder than it looks.”
  • Although this season will see Echo learning still more about her background as Caroline, she is actually getting further away from her original self. Her personality is becoming distinctly Echo, and some aspects of Caroline’s past aren’t necessarily things Echo wants any part of.
Check back in the next few days for the full transcript! Dollhouse airs Friday nights at 9/8 p.m. Central.