History To Air New Nostradamus Special

Do you want to know what’s going to happen in 2012? I haven’t the slightest idea, though I can predict what’s going to air on the History Channel on January 4th. Next month, History will air Nostradamus: 2012, a two-hour special that will give believers and skeptics a look at the that whole doomsday prophecy and some of the truths and myths surrounding it.

Mark your calendars for January 4, 2009 for Nostradamus: 2012 and if you happen to have a 2012 calendar lying around, write “end of the world” on December 21st.

NOSTRADAMUS: 2012 takes a detailed investigation of this chilling prophecy. This explosive two-hour sequel picks up where The Lost Book of Nostradamus left off. NOSTRADAMUS: 2012 seeks answers to key critical questions that may loom in just four years: Is there any modern scientific proof that such an alignment will indeed happen? Is any other compelling evidence throughout history that 2012 will be a year of unprecedented, even deadly, upheaval?”

Prophecies? I guess you could me a skeptic in that department. I really don’t know what to make of this sort of thing but I can see it as being two-hours of entertainment, at the very least. In all honesty, I know very little about this 12/21/12 business aside from the fact that the date has a lot of ones and twos in it. This Nostradamus special does sound interesting enough though. I’m sure as the next four years go by, there will be more people talking about the impending doomsday. It might not be a bad idea to get educated on the end of the world. If it does actually happen four years from now, at least then afterwards, you’ll get to say you told them so… right?

Nostradamus: 2012 airs on Sunday January 4th at 9 PM only on History.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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