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Over at the BBC, the new version of Top Gear has been coming together quite quickly and with plenty of press releases. But on Amazon, the new show Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have been putting together is coming together a lot more slowly. Finally, though, it looks like the still-untitled series is getting off the ground. Over the past few days, Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson both shared information about finally getting around to filming the new show, which corresponds with various reports that have come from elsewhere on the web. Here’s what Clarkson had to say:

It’s great that the guys are getting back onto the set, although Hammond may have had a reservation or two about getting back into the game, joking to Jeremy Clarkson about getting back on the horse:
It may be a gentle start to filming tomorrow, but I'm nervous. Oh no, hang on, not nervous: stoked. Er, is that the word?

While the guys aren’t busy tweeting all about their exploits on camera, Express did reveal the other day that Richard Hammond was seen filming in the UK near the River Thames in a Ford Mustang GT. A camera was following him around and filming every moment, so it's pretty obvious the show is getting off the ground even without the tweets to back that information. So despite the fact that the new car show is being produced by an American company, it looks as if the three men will continue to film in a variety of different places.

We’ve known the former Top Gear hosts would be heading to Amazon since this past summer, when the three men signed a big deal with the subscription streaming service. But clearly the process of getting the new show together has been a bit of an ordeal, if the guys are just starting to film right now. It was certainly back to the drawing board with the three men, as some of their most famous segments—plus all those bits with The Stig—belong to the BBC. Jeremy Clarkson is currently in a legal battle with the BBC and the producer he punched, so that probably hasn’t helped things to get off the ground more quickly, either.

We'll let you know as soon as the guys get their act together enough to give the Amazon series a title and a premiere date. In the meantime, it's pretty great to know they are back to filming again! You can also check out what the networks and streaming services have coming up with our midseason TV premiere schedule.