Why aren't you watching this show? Don't lie. The numbers don't. Audiences always whine about the lack of good comedies on network television and then don't tune in to series like Enlisted or Golden Globe winner Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Even with the low ratings, the latter is pretty much guaranteed a second season thanks to the trophy but the hardware-less former needs to earn its renewal the old fashioned way and, with a special appearance by Kid 'n Play, there is no excuse to not watch tonight's episode.

As you can see in the preview for "Brothers & Sister," Kid 'n Play's guest spot (yes, it includes a performance), isn't the focus of the installment with Pete having to confront his girlfriend from before he was deployed into Afghanistan. That's obviously uncomfortable enough but to make matters worse, he never actually broke up with Jeannie (played by the beautiful Mircea Monroe) and needs Jill's help to seal the deal. That usually means something else.

Poor Pete, surrounded by two gorgeous women while having a moral-boosting night out. While those two have their hands full with the not yet ex-girlfriend, Derrick and Randy are both busy trying to pick-up girls at the bar without the other as his wingman. Something tells me that they don't have what it takes on their own. Like I said in my glowing review, Enlisted falls firmly in the anti-Seinfeld, 'hugging and lessons' category of comedy so expect a nice, life-affirming resolution to both problems. And really, what's harder than getting laughs with warmth?

It's really too bad that Fox didn't pair the military-set sitcom with Brooklyn Nine-Nine because both series try to mine comedy with the least amount of cynicism possible and instead rely on the loving relationships in their respective large (and charming) ensembles. Actually, the network's Tuesday night line-up is almost entirely comprised of such 'heart-warming' shows, maybe they would benefit by making room for Enlisted into the lead-off spot. We all know what sitcom doesn't belong in the Dads, B99, New Girl and Mindy block. Alas...

Enlisted TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m. ET on FOX. Created by Kevin Biegel, the series stars Geoff Stults, Chris Lowell, Parker Young, Angelique Cabral and Keith David.

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