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With a singing-centered series like Glee set to premiere this fall, should we be surprised when we hear that an actor/singer is going to be guest-starring on the series? Pushing Daisies fans will be excited to hear this latest bit of casting news for Fox’s new musical-comedy show, Glee.

Kristin Chenoweth is known more recently for her Emmy-nominated performance in ABC’s now cancelled series Pushing Daisies. In that show, she played an occasionally singing pie-server with a hopeless crush on the piemaker. When she guest-stars in Fox’s Glee, she’ll be serving up some bad influence due to her drinking problems:

E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos posted the news along with a video interview with some of the cast of Glee. On Chenoweth’s appearance, the article stated the following:

“The cast also dishes on guest star Kristin Chenoweth, appearing in episode four as April Rhodes, who turns out to be quite the alcoholic and bad influence on the glee club members. Looks like the former Pushing Daisies star fills a spot in the club when leading lady Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) takes a break.”

Hopefully this news means we’ll be hearing Chenoweth sing at some point during the episode. It would be a waste of the bubbly blonde’s talents to have her there and not show off her fantastic voice.