It’s one of those ideas that seems ridiculous upon first glance but makes more and more sense when you think about it. Larry King, one of the driest voices on television, may begin occasionally corresponding for The Daily Show now that his schedule has opened up. I stress the word "may" as talks are only in their initial stages, but both parties likely have something to gain if they come to fruition. Larry King would lend credibility and a serious "wtf?" factor to reports, while The Daily Show would give him a low-pressure forum to keep his name in the headlines.

According to The New York Post, though only one conversation has taken place between the two parties, King has reportedly been speaking of the possibility almost as if it’s been agreed upon. And why not? If he wants this to happen, it will happen. Daily Show host Jon Stewart has made no secret over the years of his affinity for the talk show host, and he would jump at the chance to have him on board in any capacity.

Larry King is a legend. He has a sharp sense of humor, is more than willing to poke fun at himself and would be perfect for infrequent from-the-field reports. Please make this happen.

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