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In recent months, the world of Hannibal Lector has come back into the cultural realm. Bryan Fuller has a 13-episode series looking into the early developmental days of the serial killer and FBI profiler Will Graham set for NBC. Now, Lifetime wants to take a look at some of The Silence of the Lambs series characters, albeit from a very different perspective.

Like NBC, Lifetime is creating a prequel of sorts, but instead of competing with the male-led cast of NBC’s upcoming show, the Lifetime drama will take a look Clarice Starling, the ambitious and persistent FBI detective working the case in the flick The Silence of the Lambs and its sequel Hannibal. THR is reporting the series will pick up in the time period directly after Starling graduates from the FBI Academy and goes out into the workforce. MGM is producing the series for the female-centric network.

If you told me there would be a competing project to the Hugh Dancy-led program over at NBC a few months ago, I would have been very surprised, simply due to how long the characters have been away from the screen. Lifetime's project does make sense, though. The network has been working extremely hard over the last couple of years to change its programming from featuring melodramatic plotlines with troubled and desperate women to featuring shows with strong women at the forefront. I have no doubt that with the proper writing, the Starling prequel will find a prominent place on the cable network. TV Blend will keep you posted when this series gets a strong female lead.