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“Change? Change….? Change?” Change is coming in just one week, and Jon Stewart will be there to cover the historic event. Be there, live, with The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as Barack Obama is inaugurated. We can expect intelligent conversation, expert blue screen usage, and the most intense coverage of the world changing in a single moment you’ve ever experienced. Forget sliced bread, Obama’s inauguration is the pinnacle of mankind’s achievement. Just think, within hours of his taking the mantle of Commander in Chief the war in Iraq will end, the world financial crisis will rebound stronger than ever, and a solid 39 people from Cinema Blend’s own Mack Rawden’s list of celebrity deaths in 2009 will be given a reprieve.

To prepare for this watershed moment The Daily Show has compiled a few looks back at the Bush Era. A time when mutants wandered the streets stealing children, cancer slapped AIDS to take over as the scariest disease you can be in the same room as, and Zack and Miri Make a Porno flops at the box office. Below are the videos for your enjoyment. Watch in wonder as the world slowly changes.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will air live on Tuesday, January 20th at 11pm ET.