Lost's Naveen Andrews Joins ABC's Reckless Pilot

Lost’s Naveen Andrews is headed back to ABC. The actor has signed on to Reckless, a drama pilot from Mad Men co-executive producer Chris Black. In the series, Andrews will play a highly skilled, highly expensive renegade who was formerly a part of the British Special Air Service. So, in case you were wondering, he’ll get to keep that charming British accent.

Exactly how does a highly skilled renegade fit into Reckless’ plot? Reckless will follow a woman named Sarah, played by Eloise Mumford, who is imprisoned overseas. The prison sentence is an unfair one and Sarah will be lucky to have a perseverant and intelligent husband named David, played by Almost Famous actor Patrick Fugit, to tirelessly attempt to come to Sarah’s aid. This is where Andrews’ character, Roland Shaw, will come into the series.

Andrews has spent the few years since Lost ended keeping busy. He took a role in the first season of the now-cancelled British TV series,Sinbad, which will air in the United States on Syfy. Additionally, he recently wrapped up a flick called Diana where he stars opposite Naomi Watts.

While Fugit and Andrews seem like an unlikely team-up, that’s kind of the charm of the new premise and I’ll be really excited to see if ABC will pick up Reckless to series. I kind of feel it could be a great pairing with Scandal on the network, but until we learn more, there’s no use speculating. We’ll let you know if the series does move forward at ABC.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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