Subscribe To Louie Teaser Brings Louis CK Back To New York In Time For Season 4 Updates

Louie's back! Or so says the teaser for the return of the FX comedy. Technically, Louis CK's comedy won't be back until Monday, May 5, but we're now close enough to the series' official return that Fox has begun teasing it. And what a tease it is. Let's assume that's Louis CK with his back to the camera in the 17-second spot. The Statue of Liberty is in the distance, offering a lovely black-and-white reminder of the setting for Louis CK's comedy series.

The new teaser is among the first of FX's promotional material for the anticipated fourth season of Louie and it comes in the wake of the news that Louie would be returning for its fourth season on May 5, following a 19-month hiatus, during which time the comedian has worked on his stand-up and hosted Saturday Night Live twice. That includes last Saturday night's episode, during which the comedian did a bit of stand-up for the opening monologue:

And here's one of the sketches from the episode:

SNL's a bit different from Louie tonally, to say the least, but the comedian/actor's appearance on the NBC sketch comedy series did a nice job of reminding us of just how funny Louis CK is. And now we want more!

Louie stars Louis CK as a fictional version of himself, working as a comedian and living as a single father, trying to raise his daughters and figure everything out in the process. The series translates the comedian's somewhat dry sense of humor about aging, parenting, New York and life in general. While there's still more than a month to wait for Louie to return, the first three seasons of the comedy are available on Netflix for those who need to catch up or want a refresher.

Here's one more sketch from last Saturday night's SNL episode:

Louis CK at the doctors kind of gave me a flashback of that Ricky Gervais scene in Louie's first season...

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