Louis C.K.'s Gravity Falls Character Has Been Completely Redubbed By Disney

The Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity Louis C.K. Gravity Falls Disney XD

As more allegations of sexual misconduct continue to spread like wildfire amidst the actual wildfires surrounding Hollywood, networks and studios are taking steps to distance themselves as far as possible from those accused. Louis C.K. is one of those people, as the comedian's self-admitted actions have cost him a film along with some television deals, and now, Disney has completely redubbed two Gravity Falls episodes to remove his voice from the hit animated series. Now, in future airings, The Sweaty One-Armed Monstrosity will no longer be voiced by C.K.

The first appearance of Louis C.K.'s fantastical character was in the 2015 episode titled "Weirdmageddon: Part 1," and the character would appear again in an episode not long after, titled "Weirdmageddon: Part 3." It was revealed that series creator Alex Hirsch filled in as the replacement Monstrosity voice, and while the news about the redub is recent, a Disney rep told Deadline that Alex Hirsch rerecorded his voice work on the Gravity Falls character a month ago. C.K.'s name has been removed from the credits of both episodes, and while the character still vaguely resembles the ousted comedian, the voice dub now sounds different enough that future generations will likely forget the character had anything to do with C.K.:

The move to expunge Louis C.K. from Gravity Falls doesn't necessarily offer up hope for the actor's in-limbo comedy on TBS. Titled The Cops, the animated show had its production suspended in the aftermath of C.K.'s accusations and admission. This is a different situation, though, since C.K. was a co-creator, co-writer and star on The Cops, while Gravity Falls just had to change a few lines in a couple of episodes. But we've still yet to see what will happen with the promising project, which also had Albert Brooks as co-creator.

Louis C.K. is not the only Gravity Falls voice actor to recently get accused of sexual misconduct. T.J. Miller, who voices Robbie Valentino on the series, has far more episodic roles than C.K., and while Miller and his wife have denied the allegations lodged against him, the situation is still ongoing. While Miller has lost his own television series since those allegations made headlines, it has been stated it had nothing to do with the accusation. It's safe to say if Alex Hirsch attempted to remove Miller's voice acting, it would be a much more substantial undertaking, and would likely impact the show more than removing C.K.'s contribution will.

Having wrapped up its run in 2016, Gravity Falls airs repeats on Disney XD sporadically at various times. For a look at other upcoming television in what remains of 2017, head on over to our fall premiere guide. Those wishing instead to see what's due to return or premiere in 2018 can find out by visiting our midseason premiere guide. Anyone curious as to which shows were canceled in 2017 and why can find out at our cancellation guide.

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