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Louis C.K. Back In Hot Water Over Leaked Stand-Up Audio

Louis C.K. -- Louis C.K. Live At The Comedy Store

Louis C.K. is certainly no stranger to controversy. The famous stand-up comedian/filmmaker has been at the center of several media firestorms, and his career found itself in disarray when numerous allegations of sexual misconduct were made public.

Shortly after that explosive news story came out, C.K. took a break from the public spotlight, suggesting he would spend time listening to others and self-reflecting. But it was only earlier this year when the comic returned to the stage to perform new, contentious sets. It's during his newest set that C.K. earned some of his biggest comedy criticism yet.

As you would expect, the material that will be discussed is pretty graphic. Keep that in mind as you continue reading this story.

In leaked audio from Louis C.K.'s most recent stand-up set, the comedian can be heard making jokes centered on the younger Millennial generation. In the much-discussed stand-up segment, C.K. calls the younger generation "boring" and he pokes fun at how critical they are about anyone saying inappropriate comments. From there, C.K. claims Millennials are "like royalty," in that "they tell you what to call them" -- referring to non-binary people who are gender neutral and wish to be called "they/them." At that point, C.K. jokes he wants to be called "there" because he identifies "as a location."

From that point, Louis C.K. continues with his comedy rant by claiming that the location in which he identifies as is "your mother's cunt." But then C.K. claims afterward that "it doesn't have to be that nasty," only to later retort that "it can be." It's at this point that Louis C.K. jokes about the survivors of school shootings. He's seemingly alluding to the Parkland shooting survivors in particular -- though C.K. never references them by name in his new set.

Louis C.K. talks about how the younger generation is talking in front of Congress now, to which C.K. comedically asks, "What are you doing?!" As C.K. says, they're young and "they should be crazy" and "unhinged." It is then that C.K. says "fuck you" to these high school students for wearing suits and addressing Congress. He then claims they are "not interesting" because "they went to a high school where kids got shot." It's then that Louis C.K. asks why he needs to listen to these high school students at all, once again asking why this much-publicized massacre makes these students interesting.

At the end of the clip, Louis C.K. claims that the kids didn't get shot, they "pushed some fat kid in the way" and "now I gotta listen to you talking?" It is safe to say that, while C.K. wasn't at the height of his career before this audio was released, it didn't help him earn respect from his most vocal critics.

You can listen to the controversial stand-up set from Louis C.K. that is making its rounds on the Internet today below.

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There will likely be more controversies to report about Louis C.K. in the future, especially if he continues performing fresh stand-up comedy. For the latest news in film, television, pop culture, video games and a whole lot more, be sure to check back with CinemaBlend to hear the newest scoop.

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