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It seems like an awful lot of the announcements regarding new TV shows have been about old TV shows coming back, but there’s one particular reboot that looks like its modern twist could turn it into something refreshingly different from the original. The MacGyver reboot that has been in the works at CBS is moving forward. This week, we learned a pilot episode has been officially ordered.

MacGyver will be a reimagining of the popular 1980s show of the same name that follows a handy young man with a knack for solving problems in unconventional ways, helping to prevent disasters for a clandestine organization. MacGyver will only be in his twenties if the project moves forward.

According to Variety, CBS has considered the MacGyver reimagining a high priority since it was put into development in October of 2015, which is really no surprise. MacGyver was a popular show in the 80s, and even much of the younger generation who hadn’t been around during the original run knows what it means to “MacGyver” something. There may be more computers and technology used in this version of MacGyver, but there will probably be plenty of paper clips and pencils as well.

Henry Winkler will be reprising his executive producer duties from the original for the new potential series. James Wan of Furious 7 and the Saw franchise will serve as an executive producer as well as direct the pilot. They’ll be joined by Michael Clear as a third executive producer, and the pilot will be written by Paul Downs Colaizzo.

Interestingly, the CBS reimagining of MacGyver is the second overture toward bringing the show back to screen over the past year. The first was intended from the start to be quite different. "The Next MacGyver" is a crowdsourcing competition aiming to bring another brilliant and inspirational engineer to the forefront of a television show. This time, however, that project would star a female lead. Technically, the “Next MacGyver” project isn't looking to create an exact reboot of the series. Instead, it aims to focus on a MacGyver-esque female protagonist. As it happens, however, there hasn't been much happening in terms of moving forward, and it looks like MacGyver will be beating "The Next MacGyver" to the punch.

The new MacGyver does not yet have a cast list set as it has only just been ordered to pilot, but we can say that the performer stepping into the shoes of iconic actor Richard Dean Anderson will have a tough task ahead of him, considering that Anderson’s shoes as MacGyver are awfully big to fill. Still, CBS will surely only choose the best of the best for such a major part.

The pilot is still a ways off from production, so we won’t have news of whether or not the show has been ordered to series for some time. Still, promise of a possible new MacGyver is particularly exciting in an era of reboots and re-imaginings galore.