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Mad Men Season 5 Preview: Two Trailers For The Upcoming Premiere

Yesterday, we shared a large stack of promotional photos of the Mad Men cast looking especially dapper, all dressed up for the series’ return to AMC, at long last. Today we have a couple of trailers, which tease of the shows return and give us a look at the characters.

We’re so close to the return of Mad Men, you can practically smell the cigarette smoke and hear the sound of ice clinking in a glass, can’t you? Drinks and banter are glimpsed in the trailer below...

Don Draper doesn’t want to overdo it. But things do tend to get interesting when he does, don’t they?

And this one (via LA Times) features Wanda Jackson’s “Did You Miss Me?” and features a look at the main characters, and a few kissy moments...

Check out the promotional photos for Mad Men Season 5 here.

Mad Men returns with a two-hour season finale on March 25.

Kelly West
Assistant Managing Editor

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