Don Draper’s new wife Megan sure knows how to command the attention in the living room. We saw her demonstrate that fact not once, but twice during last night’s season premiere. Check out the video ahead to revisit one of the rather intimate moments, which amounted to more than just “a little kiss.”

It was evident even before the robe came off that tension was at a high between Megan and Don near the end of last night’s Season 5 premiere of Mad Men, but things quickly got heated in all the right ways when Megan began crawling around the living room rug, cleaning up after the party she threw for Don. One thing led to another and the rug was christened.

May not be entirely safe for work...

Ah, the life of newlyweds, when fights may lead to floor-sex, and a decision to buy a new space rug... something less white would be more practical.

Check out our full breakdown of the premiere here.

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