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To the average spectator, Don Draper might seem like a rather dapper, put-together dude, but under the surface, we know that's not the case. In fact, Mad Men's spent seasons giving us a peek beneath the surface of Don Draper's mask, peeling back the layers of booze, cigarettes, women and secrets to help us try to understand this guy better. And just when we think we do, there's another layer revealed. It would take a lot longer than two minutes to fairly analyze and discuss the inner workings of Jon Hamm's character, but the above video does a nice job of summarizing the highlights and lowlights of Don Draper's existence as it's been presented to us over the past six seasons.

Leading up the the seventh and final season of the AMC drama -- or the first half of it anyway -- this video does a nice job of recapping Don's personal and professional history on the series, including his relationships (business or personal) with Peggy, Pete, Betty, Sally and Megan. It all leads up to how things left off for Don at the end of Season 6, when Megan had enough and so had Don's co-workers. Where will Don's story pick up when the seventh season begins? We can really only guess and hope for hints between now and April when the first half of Season 7 gets started.

Mad Men isn't usually all that revealing with their previews. In fact, the series seems to go out of its way to keep us in the dark, showing tiny snippets of footage from upcoming episodes (or in some cases, footage from older episodes) that don't offer any clues as to what might be coming up, beyond the fact that characters will be in the show and they will say things to each other. Earlier this year, NBC's Community parodied this strategy pretty perfectly with their own promo...

It's funny, but it's not so far off base when we consider the previous Mad Men previews. With Mad Men set to return April 13, we'll hopefully start to see some more promotional content for the series. The first half of Season 7 will consist of 8 episodes, which will air this year, and then -- just as AMC did with the last season of Breaking Bad in dividing the last season in half -- the final set of eight episodes will air next year. Will Don Draper's story end happy?

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