Jeffrey Dean Morgan may be dealing with some bad men in Magic City, but there’s plenty to the plot that the ladies can selfishly enjoy, too. One of the great aspects of shooting a show set in Miami Beach in the late 1950s is the fashion, and Starz and Anchor Bay Home Entertainment have joined together to bring us two extras highlighting the period before Magic City hits Blu-ray and DVD on October 2.

The clips brings in some fashion experts, including a nicely clad male from Barneys New York, to discuss the fashion of the times and how the sexuality and naughtiness in people's attitudes manifested itself into the clothes. The discussion of tailoring for men and different silhouettes for women will be quite fascinating for any fashion lovers, but if you are looking for some bonus scenes or are more interested in the cars of the period, Starz and Anchor Bay Home Entertainment have plenty of clips for other interests, as well.

One of these bonus scenes will help you to eye the Miami Beach fashion of the late 1950s in fine form, but will also give you a hint at the romance and intrigue found in Season 1. In the clip, Lily (Jessica Marais) lures Stevie (Steven Strait) to the beach just before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The extras are pretty extensive with the set, but the real gems are the episodes themselves. However, while there may only be eight episodes in Season 1, with all of the featurettes, the set still ensures plenty of hours of entertainment.

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