Man Vs. Food Nation Preview: Key Lime Pie, Pie, Baby

A wise man once said, “Anything less than the best is a felony.” Alright, the word “wise” may be a bit of a stretch, but if you were around during the ‘90’s and you know what happens when you stop, collaborate and listen, then you may have a pretty good guess as to who’s set to appear on this week’s Man Vs. Food Nation.

Man Vs. Food Nation’s Adam Richman is in for a surprise when he heads down to the Florida Keys in this Wednesday night’s episode. While visiting Key West’s Blue Heaven restaurant for a slice of Key Lime Pie, Rob Van Winkle (known to many as Vanilla Ice) will join him and help explain why the Florida Keys is the place to go for the best Key Lime Pie.

Van Winkle is currently the host of DIY Network’s home renovation series The Vanilla Ice Project.

You’ll see Ice and Richman in the video below.

Adam will also visit the Hogfish Bar & Grill and later in the episode, he’ll attend the Key Largo Conch House for the Conch Republic Fritter contest, which involves eating as many Conch fritters as possible in 15 minutes.

Man Vs. Food Nation airs Wednesday at 9:00p e/p on Travel Channel.

Kelly West
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